FirstNet Blogs

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09/29/2016 The Possibility of FirstNet for Public Safety's Day-to-Day Business on the Street
09/27/2016 Megahertz on the Rez: Tribal police turn to technology to help secure, protect those they serve
09/22/2016 Data and Technology are Key Weapons when Fighting Wildland Fires
09/20/2016 Ensuring Coordinated Responses to Man Made and Natural Disasters
09/19/2016 FirstNet's PSAC Adds Two Federal Members to its Ranks
07/20/2016 Connecting Public Safety Operations Along the Southwest Border
07/19/2016 FirstNet: Connecting Responders in Rural America
07/14/2016 Because Emergencies Cross Jurisdictions: Sharing One Network Improves Communication
07/12/2016 Q&A With Poarch Band of Creek Indians: Mobile Data, Rural Coverage Key To Emergency Response
07/08/2016 FirstNet Outlines Key Steps for Development of State Plans, Interoperability Requirements
07/06/2016 Connecting with the Public Safety Community Through Social Media
07/01/2016 Evolving Our Organization to Serve Our Customers - Public Safety
06/16/2016 PSCR Conference 2016 Showcases Global Advancements in Public Safety Broadband
06/14/2016 Building the Internet of Lifesaving Things
06/10/2016 PSAC Summer Meeting Highlights Key Areas of Current, Future Work
06/08/2016 Sue Swenson's Keynote to the 2016 PSCR Public Safety Broadband Stakeholder Meeting
05/16/2016 EMS Week 2016: FirstNet Recognizes our Nation's Emergency Medical Services Personnel
04/22/2016 Spring SPOC Meeting Dives Deep into FirstNet implementation, State Plan Process
02/16/2016 CES 2016 Offers Preview of Potential Public Safety Broadband Devices, Solutions
01/12/2016 FirstNet Staff Meets with Arkansas Interoperable Communications Executive Committee
01/08/2016 Video Blog: FirstNet's 2016 Consultation Program - Part 1
01/06/2016 Hawaii Shares Key Use Cases, Demonstrates Commitment to FirstNet at Initial Consultation Meeting
01/01/2016 CTO Blog: Colorado Parks and Wildlife LTE Band 14 Demonstration Network
12/31/2015 Reviewing 2015 Progress and 2016 Priorities
10/06/2015  FirstNet Releases Cyber Security Special Notice, Aims To Build Usability, Security Early into NPSBN
08/31/2015  The Win-Win-Win Business Model