Archived Discussions

The following are previous discussions, attached documents and related articles from Basecamp in the early stages of FloridaNet’s implementation. They are shown in chronological order with the most recent first.


 Date                       Title

                        Project Updates

04-21-2014     BaseCamp Account is Officially Closed

04-14-2014     Bill D'Agostino Resigns from FirstNet

04-14-2014     UPDATE account registration emails went out Friday 4112014

04-11-2014     Important message to the FloridaNet family

03-24-2014     First round of education and outreach sessions wrapping up.  Migration to starts soon.

03-21-2014     Here are the pdf’s of the factsheets referenced in previous Basecamp announcements.. Please find..

                            FirstNet LMR Factsheet

                            FirstNet Fire Services Factsheet 

                            FirstNet Law Enforcement Factsheet

                            FirstNet EMS Factsheet    

03-21-2014     Update from FirsNet   

                          FirstNet Resources Site

                          Annual Report to Congress - 2013

                          SLIGP Workshop Presentation from Phoenix

                          FirstNet Presentation to the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices

                          FirstNet Presentation to the National Sheriffs Association Winter Conference

                          Single Point of Contact (SPOC) Quarterly Briefing

03-21-2014     Motorola Solutions announces first public-safety portable radio with LTE connectivity

                          Urgent Communications Site (PDF )                                                                        

03-14-2014     Good article with some links for more information

                          Digital Communities Site (PDF )          

03-10-2014     FirstNet Article                         

                          Mission Critical                                                                      

03-07-2014     Florida RFI Thank You                                                                                   

03-07-2014     Article on LA-RICS BTOP build

                         LA-RICS inks deal with Motorola Solutions for public-safety LTE network                                                      

03-02-2014     Great read on how NTIA control may be hampering FirstNet's mission

                           Is FirstNet Stalled?

03-01-2014     FirstNet Update: Slides presented to the State Point of Contacts                                          

                            SPOC Webinar Slides (01-15-2014)

02-21-2014     Presentations for Statewide Listening Sessions posted.                                    

02-18-2014     Important: FloridaNet Hosting Statewide Listening Sessions on FirstNet                                                  

02-14-2014     Listening Workshop Invite PDF with hot links to the registration page  

                            FN Workshops 

02-14-2014     Update on Listening Workshop Registrations    

                            FN Workshops                                             

02-12-2014     Recent meetings: Update on Secure FloridaNet Data Portals 

                             ISAC Council                                        

02-10-2014     Case in Point for PSBN…

                             Cell use at Seahawks parade swamped wireless networks (PDF )                                                      

02-07-2014     IMPORTANT: Final list of listening session locations attached.                                              

02-06-2014     Volunteers Needed for FloridaNet Speakers Bureau                                                

02-06-2014    FloridaNet Hosting Statewide Listening Session on FirstNet                                  

02-04-2014     Meeting of the Public-Private Partnership Committee                                              

01-24-2014     RFI Q&A Posted

                              RFI 021-14                                                                                

01-14-2014     This is the brief from the National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators

                              SAFECOM-NCSWIC Joint Session Executive Summary (12-11-2013)

01-13-2014     IMPORTANT: We need you to update your contact information!                                

12-26-2013     RFI Posted: This Request for the Information (RFI 021-14) has been posted to Florida's Vendor Bid 

                               RFI 021-14                          

12-26-2013     Note: Moving BaseCamp to a new user interface.                                        

12-26-2013     Jan 8th 1 PM to 4PM: Full Advisory Committee Meeting (and Executive Committee members)

12-20-2013     New FirstNet Consultation Process                                                               

                            PSAC Outreach and Consultation (12-10-2013)

12-09-2013     Important: Statewide Workshops – Dates and Locations: your feedback needed            

12-04-2013     IMPORTANT: FloridaNet Meetings

                            Notice of FirstNet Meetings                                                               

12-04-2013     WebEx Info for Advisory Committee 12/4 11:00AM                                      

10-25-2013     Notes from October 25th FirstNet Board Meeting                                         

                            Actions by FirstNet Board

10-24-2013     Harris County, Texas, deploys the first public safety 4G LTE system      

                            Law Officer Site (PDF )                                    

10-23-2013     FirstNet Public Safety Wireless Broadband Network: User-Centered Design and Human Factors...            

                             HIgh Velocity Human Factors Site (PDF )                                  

10-14-2013     Verizon and Motorola Solutions Collaborate to Deliver New Mobile Broadband Device to First...          

                             Public Safety Communications Site (PDF )                               

09-17-2013     FirstNet Human Factors Study overview and attachment                                             

                             PSAC Human Elements-Factors Scope

09-17-2013     National Governor’s Association conference call notes on FirstNet                                     

                            National Governor's Council Meeting - FirstNet (09-16-2013)

09-16-2013     FirstNet Talking Points                                                                                   

                            Fact sheet 1 - The Promise of FirstNet

                            Fact sheet 2 - The Process for Working with FirstNet

09-12-2013     Florida awarded SLIP-P (FirstNet) Grant of $4.9M                                        

08-22-2013     Reports on FirstNet Analysis of 54 Responses to Device RFI Now Available to Public Safety...  

                            NTIA Site (PDF )    

                            FedBizOpps Site (PDF )                             

08-22-2013     APCO Enters Into Memorandum of Understanding with FirstNet Regarding Mobile Apps  

                            NTIA Site (PDF )

                            AppComm Site           

                            AppComm Article

                            Key Attributes of Effective Apps for Public Safety and Emergency Response             

08-01-2013     Copy of Workshop Slides from July 31 Broadband Workshop                                   

                             Florida Broadband Coverage Objectives (07-31-2013)

07-30-2013     Broadband Coverage Objectives Workshop                                                 

                             Florida Broadband Coverage Objectives Agenda

07-29-2013     FEMA App Adds Crowdsourcing for Disaster Relief                                    

07-26-2013     NTIA Awards $13.1 Million in Grants to Five States to Assist in FirstNet Planning      

                             NTIA Site (PDF )    

                             State and Local Implementation Grant Program                                 

07-25-2013     Article: FirstNet Enters a New Phase        

                             Digital Communities Article                                                                

07-24-2013     UPDATE: Postponing the Previously Scheduled Fall State-wide workshops                                      

07-11-2013     FirstNet Issues RFIs on Technology for Nationwide Wireless Broadband Network  

                             NTIA Site (PDF )                                                 

06-30-2013     FirstNet Technical Presentation from Memphis                                             

                            Research and Analysis - The First Phase of Our Work  

06-30-2013     Vision Presentation from Memphis                                                                 

                            Vision For the Future - Regional Workshop

06-29-2013     Important Update on FirstNet                                                                         

06-17-2013     Survey of the Advisory Committee to prep for Memphis                                           

                            FirstNet State and Territory Consultation Meeting Draft Agenda-Region 4

06-17-2013     I have confirmed that the call will be at 1 PM Eastern Time. Again, sorry for short notice                        

06-17-2013     FirstNet Check In Florida: Workshop & State Consultation Process                                            

06-03-2013     FloridaNet Delegates to Memphis FirstNet Meeting June 26 & 27                                                            

05-30-2013     Chair of Public-Private Committee                                                                 

05-30-2013     Televate Releases White Paper Examining Business Models of the Nationwide Public...      

05-23-2013     May 31st FloridaNet Meeting: 10 AM to 2:30 PM                                           

05-23-2013     Reminder: May 31st FloridaNet Meeting: 10 AM to 2:30 PM - Meeting Room                                    

05-23-2013     Reminder: May 31st FloridaNet Meeting: 10 AM to 2:30 PM                                   

05-22-2013     Response needed: FloridaNet Advisory Committee Tentative Meeting - May 31...                                  

05-16-2013     New Information on Broadband from NTIA  

                            NTIA Site (PDF )                                                  

04-25-2013     Meeting in Tallahassee, Week of May 20th                                                   

04-25-2013     Update: Changing meeting week to May 28 to May 31                                 

04-25-2013     Critical: FirstNet Regional Listening Sessions Update                                           

04-24-2013     Cellular Failure During Boston Bombing       

                            Urgent Communications Article                                                

04-05-2013     Threats to SLIGP and PSBN Funding                                                      

                            FDLE Office of Domestic Security Dept of Education Funding March 2013

                            Strengthening Domestic Security

04-04-2013     Update on 6 Regional FirstNet Listening Sessions                                      

04-01-2013     Greg Holcomb and Steve Williams selected for State and Local Implementation...             

03-25-2013     Committee Members (as collected via survey)                                           

03-20-2013     FirstNet Grant Application Milestone                                                           

03-15-2013     Firstnet National Board Workshops to be held.                                          

03-15-2013     FirstNet roundtable reveals many details     

                            Urgent Communications Article                                                

03-15-2013     Note of Appreciation                                                                                      

03-07-2013     Broadband Narrative Review                                                                         

03-06-2013     File clean-up                                                                                                    

03-05-2013     Reminder: 8 AM Tues Conference call on grant progress (optional)                        

02-28-2013     Last Day to apply as a FirstNet Reviewer!   

                           NTIA-Public Safety

                           The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012      

                           Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Site

                           NTIA-Institute for Telecommunication Sciences Site

                  Grants Site

                           NTIA Broadband Grants Site                                       

02-27-2013     Current Committee Volunteers                                                                      

02-27-2013     Current Recommended Name changes for the committee formerly known as...      

02-27-2013     Re :Rural County Definition Per Section 288.0656(1)                                   

02-27-2013     Link to OEC Public Safety Tools

                          OEC Public Safety Tools (ICTAP)                                                                   

02-27-2013     FirstNet Grant Update – 30 Minute call tomorrow.  Join if you are interested.            

02-26-2013     Quick grant status update call. Wednesday, Feb 27 at 8 AM (30 minutes max)                  

02-26-2013     SCIP Broadband Implementation for 2012                                                  

                            Implementation for SCIP 2013

02-25-2013     Grant Status Call (Optional for all interested team members) at 8:00 am                

02-25-2013     Pick your FirstNet Committee – 60 second poll                                          

02-22-2013     Planning Consideration (Sustainability)                                                        

02-21-2013     FirstNet board delivers messages to public safety, vendors                                        

Date Title
02-14-2013 FirstNet Update Conference Call 
  NTIA Announces Availability of $121.5 Million in State Grants to Assist with FirstNet Planning
  SLIGP Federal Funding Opportunity
02-14-2013 Will FirstNet Move Forward With Local Broadband 
  Government Technology Article
  FirstNet Faces Major Obstacles Article
  FirstNet Board  
02-11-2013 FirstNet Advisory Board Meeting 
  FirstNet Governance Draft Model 
02-06-2013 NTIA Announces Availability of $121.5 Million in State Grants to Assist with FirstNet Planning 
  NTIA-FirstNet Site (PDF )
  NTIA-Public Safety Site (PDF )
  SLIGP Supplemental Application Narrative Document 
  SLIGP Federal Funding Opportunity Document 
01-13-2013 Discussion on Broadband Coverage