About FloridaNetalt

FloridaNet is a long-term program designed to provide the framework which Florida First Responders will work with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) to design the nations first Public Safety Broadband Network to meet the needs of Florida's Public Safety communities.

Overview • Why? • Coverage Challenges


altThe FirstNet broadband data network fulfills a fundamental need of the public safety community and a key recommendation of the 9/11 Commission.

Creating FirstNet will require an unprecedented level of public-private partnership, collaboration, and shared commitment.

Using a nationwide spectrum license, FirstNet will provide a single platform for daily public safety communications.

When natural disasters, threats to the nation’s security or other emergencies occur anywhere in the country, FirstNet will enable local, state, regional and national emergency responders to communicate at the direction of the incident commander.  

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First Responders Need the Most Reliable Network
First responders need a reliable, resilient broadband network to perform their life-saving mission. FirstNet will facilitate the use of rugged, easy-to-use devices designed to meet public safety requirements and provide a rich set of applications and services that enhance first responder’s ability to do their jobs. The FirstNet network will provide the backbone to allow the public safety community to improve its communications and perform its mission more effectively.
Public Safety Should Have Priority Access

During emergencies, wireless traffic can be concentrated in specific areas and data capacity can become insufficient for public safety’s needs. First responders need an exclusive network so they can communicate during emergencies and share data without interruption. This is especially important during large emergencies when consumers may overload commercial wireless networks to reach their family and friends. FirstNet will provide public safety with priority communications when they need it most.

Rural Emergencies Pose Coverage Challenges

When life-threatening emergencies happen in rural or wilderness areas, first responders often end up without a network connection that could enable expert medical support during transport to the hospital. FirstNet will provide reliable, mobile coverage solutions because emergencies don’t just happen where people live.

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Coverage Challenges

altFirstNet intends to build access to this network in all geographic regions across the nation.

To meet this challenge, FirstNet intends to develop public and private sector partnerships that leverage existing infrastructure and equipment.

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